Our System

Bohn Biofilter supplies a complete system: All equipment and services for successful construction, operation and performance verification.

The most important component of a biofilter is its media. For our filter media, we analyze regional materials and engineer a blend of soil products with an enhanced microbial population. The physical and chemical properties of our soil media makes it the most efficient biofilter material available.

  • Soil is an excellent pH buffer. Low pH in biofilters/bioscrubbers causes corrosion and eliminates many microbial species.
  • Wet or dry soils readily absorb water (hydrophilic), whereas compost/wood chip repel water when dry (hydrophobic).  In the event of water system failures, bioscrubbers and other biofilters can fail.  Soil Bohn Biofilters withstand water system failures for weeks on end.
  • The physical properties of our soil media are stable for decades. This means stable airflow; consistent back-pressure and even air distribution.

Owners and operators enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a solution that practically works by itself.  No filter change-outs.  No chemical or nutrient additions.  No pumps.  The fan and moisture control will be the only necessary maintenance.

In sum, the neighbors will not complain about odor.


Watch this short animated loop for a brief explanation of the process:


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Download this brief presentation demonstrating the installation of a Bohn Biofilter to eliminate a chemical scrubber: Elimination of Chemicals – Biofilter