Our soil media is unique.

The most important component of a biofilter is the filter medium; commonly called media.  We call ours “soil media”. Bohn Biofilter’s soil media is a blend of sands, soils and topsoils. The physical and chemical properties of this soil media make our biofilter the most effective available.  These physical and chemical properties make a sturdy, stable substrate for biological activity.  Stable airflow, consistent back-pressure and even air distribution is the result.

The chemical properties of our soil media makes for an excellent pH buffer.  Low pH in other biofilters and bioscrubbers causes corrosion and eliminates many microbial species; species that degrade foul air gases.

Our soil media readily absorbs water (hydrophilic), whereas compost-wood chip media repel water when dry (hydrophobic).

If the irrigation fails, the soil media simply needs to be re-wet, not replaced.

Each soil media mixture is adjusted for mineral content, permeability, particle size and pH factors specified to each project.


Bohn Biofilter animation



Below is a chart comparing two media types: