Industrial Installations

“Our Bohn Biofilter eliminated the neighbor’s odor complaints even during our coldest months. We’ve been very pleased right from the start.”
(Bob Lannon, Environmental Manager, Cummins Engine Company)

  1. Cummins Engine, Lakewood, NY
    Off-gas from water treatment (1996)
    6,000 cfm (10,000 m3/hr)
  2. Pet Food Processor, Mondovi, WI
    Off-gasĀ from cooking and drying (2005)
    Odor Unit Data (pdf)
  3. Landfill Site, Tucson, AZ
    Off-gas from closed landfill, LFG (1995)
    500 cfm (850 m3/hr)
  4. Food Processor, Blair, NE
    Off-gas from water treatment (2000)
    20,000 cfm (34000 m3/hr)
  5. Petroleum Leaks, seven locations in Arizona, two locations in Montreal
    Off-gas from SVE, site remediations (1992-98)
    500 cfm (850 m3/hr)
  6. Poultry Farm, West, TX
    Off-gas from composting (1982)
    10,000 cfm (17000 m3/hr)



A more complete list of installations is available upon request.