Port Orchard, Bohn Biofilter

Case Study A

Client: Karcher Creek JWWTF in Port Orchard, Washington
Facility:  A Wastewater Treatment Plant (WTP) located in a scenic and residential area
Problem: How to eliminate wastewater odors with limited space available.
Decision: The decision was to build a BOHN BIOFILTER system on the roof of a mixing building.
Outcome: The facility has an effective odor control system which utilizes a space that’s rarely used.




Case Study B

Client: The City of Phoenix
Facility:  A sewer Lift Station (LS) located directly adjacent  to a residence. (LS 48)
Problem: The impact of facility safety and maintenance were main concerns.
Decision: The client chose to replace a chemical scrubber with a BOHN BIOFILTER system.
Outcome: The facility now exceeds the Maricopa County air quality requirement of 0.030 ppb H2S at the property boundary.

Glorietta Bay, Bohn Biofilter

Case Study C

Client: Glorietta Bay Pump Station in Coronado, California
Facility:  A Wastewater Pump Station located in a busy public park.
Problem: How to eliminate wastewater odors while minimizing the visual impact.
Decision: The client chose to use a BOHN BIOFITLE, in-ground biofilter with a grass cover.
Outcome: The pump station has an around-the-clock odor control system that blends seamlessly into the park environment.



A more complete list of installations is available upon request.